SJenkins_First_SigningScott Jenkins began his writing career in the in the games industry, creating ‘worlds’ for popular games like Dungeons & Dragons, BattleTech, and DC Heroes Roleplaying game. During his time in Hollywood, he worked as a computer animator, wrote technical books and screenplays.

Fascinated with creating illusions, the progression into the world of magic was a natural step. He learned the art of ‘close-up magic,’ and his skills earned him a magician membership at the world famous Magic Castle, Hollywood’s premier magic venue.

Inspired by the true life story of John Mulholland, one of the greatest magicians of his time, who was hired by the CIA to teach their agents slight-of-hand and misdirection for covert ops during the Cold War, Scott began to research the era and spy tactics.

From there, the story of the Smoke and Dagger series was born. The first book, Bullet Catch, is a high-stakes thriller based in Berlin. The next book in the series, Mismade Madam will be out in 2014.